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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Wallwisher-An Online Noticeboard Maker

Today's Website~ 

●  Wallwisher


What is it about?

●  Wallwisher is an online noticeboard maker.  You can use this wall to make

    announcements, to keep notes, to paste to-do lists or to collect needed information

    posted from your friends. 

●  You can add images, audios, and videos.  You can also share or embed this wall in

    your blog.

●  You can invite your friends to this notice board and paste their notes.

●  You can post as many notes as you want, just like what you do with Post-its. 

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  Learners can collect information and paste the notes on the Wallwisher.  It is good for

    collaborative learning.

●  Learners are encouraged to write a short message about what they provide.  It

    encourages learners to learn how to summarize the content/materials they offer.

●  It also encourages learners to read the notes post by others.

●  Learners who build the wall can select the layout they like.  They can also upload their

    own pictures to decorate their own wall.  It motivates the learners in using this notice

    board to interact and communicate with one another.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?  

●  First, I would have students work in group of 5, and they can build a wall together.

●  Then, according to the topic they learn, I would have them find related videos, images

    or articles, and write a brief summary about each of the materials they find (each post 

    with no more than 160 characters).

●  I would also use it as a reflective writing about what they learn in class.  They can post

    as many notes as they want and they can embed the link in the blog to keep the notes

    so that they can review the notes they take, or the information they find in class.

●  After they finish the activities, students of other groups can go to the walls other groups 

    make and read what they post.

●  Some simple activities like making sentences by using phrases, vocabulary or grammar

    they learn in class.  They can make a story by posting their ideas, too. 

●  You can only leave 160 characters in one post.

●  If you post too many notes on your wall, it might take you some time to find the 

    information you need.  

●  It still has some technical problems.  For example, I lost something I post.

●  Build your wall.     

    1. Add your title.  2. Add your subtitle.  3. Write down your name and e-mail.

    4. choose the name of your URL.  5.  Choose the theme of your wall.  6.  Click on "done".

Build Your Wall

●  Post your notes.  You can add links, images and videos on the notice board.  You can

    post as many notes as you want.  Remember to organize them well.
Post Your Note
●  Embed your wall.  You can click on "Do more" and select "share" or "embed"

     your wall.  
Embed Your Wall
 ●  Share your wall. 

Share Your Wall
●  Below is the example.  I embedded my wall here.

Embed Your Wall

●  29 Interesting Ways to Use WallWisher in the Classroom- from Embedit.in

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