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Thursday, 10 February 2011

QuizBox - A Free Simple Tool to Make Your Quiz

Today's Website~

●    QuizBox- Create Your Own Quiz

Get to Know the Tenses

We've learned present tense, past tense and future tense. Hope you could check out your understanding of the tenses through this quiz.

  1. Next Saturday, we ____________ a trip to Oxford. I am so excited
  2. take took will taked will take
  3. Victoria usually at 12:00. It is not good for her health.
  4. go goes went will go
  5. We often ______ information from the books in the past. Now we have Internet.
  6. collect collects collected will collect
  7. Who ____________ the window? It is so cold here. Would you mind closing it?
  8. open opened will open closed
  9. Susan never ____________ her teeth before she goes to bed.
  10. brush brushes brushed will brush
Glad you try your best to finish the quiz!
~Embedded from QuizBox~

What is it about?

●  QuizBox provides a simple easy tool to make quizzes of multiple choice.

●  It also provides a simple result for test takers to check their score.

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  It is a simple tool for teachers to make quizzes to check students' understanding

    of the language aspects taught in class.

●  The test takers simply click on the buttons to finish the test and get the score at once.

●  The test takers can take the quiz as many times as they like.  And the paper-free

    quizzes save lots of time and money.

●  The collected embedded quizzes (in the blog) offer students the chances to review

    the lessons or the tests.  They could always try them online anytime, any place.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?

●  Teachers can make the quizzes in advance according to the topics, curriculum.

    And after each class, students can take the quiz (5-10 questions) in a short time for

    the teacher to check their understanding.

●  Since there is only one type of quiz (multiple choice), teachers can make quizzes like

    grammar check, vocabulary, or the content of the text.   

●  The teachers can explain each question in class after students take the quizzes, and 

     later put the explanation for each answer on the blog .  Students are encouraged to take 

     the quizzes later again.

●  Teachers can share the quizzes with other teachers, and they can be a collection 

    of tests.

●  Need sufficient computers for students to take quizzes in class or at home.

●  Though the tool is simple, the function is simple, too.  The quizzes you make

    won't be stored in their website, therefore, teachers had better embed the quizzes

    in their blogs right after the quizzes are created.
●  The tool does not include "explanation function" like Proprofs does, therefore, 

    in addition to  explaining the answers of each test in class, teachers should also

    provide explanation in their blogs.

●  Students' scores can not be recorded. 

●  Only quizzes of multiple choice can be make.  No videos or pictures can be used. 

●  It may take teachers lots of time to design valid and reliable quizzes.  And the 

    teachers should make sure the tests (and answers) are carefully made in case

    of washback (e.g. students become frustrated when their answer is correct but 

    it shows wrong answer).
 Example~ How to Use QuizBox to Make a Quiz

●  Follow the steps to create a quiz easily.

Three Steps to Create Your Quiz

●  Step 1:  Create your quiz structure.  Here, you can decide many questions you would

    like to make, and how many choices per questions.

Create Your Quiz Structure

●  Briefly introduce the test purpose.  And then edit your questions, choices and scores. 

Made Quizzes
●  Step 3:  You can save the quiz, or you can embed it onto your blog.

Embed the Quiz
●  Paste the HTML on your blog.

Paste the HTML
●  Try the test on your blog, and click on "Grade me" to get your score.  You can click

    on "Try Again" to take the same quiz.

Get the Score

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