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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Issuu-Publish Your Own Book

Today's Website~ 

●  Issuu-You Publish

What is it about?

●  Issuu is an easy-to-use website and it offers a simple tool for you to publish your

    documents, reports and any unique publications on line.

●  Issuu displays the published documents with page-turning effects.  Readers can

    also enlarge the page and move around with the mouse to read the texts at ease.

●  You can collect and share the documents.  And you can embed them into your

    own website or your blog.

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  Learners can publish their complete works, reports, notes or their own newspaper.

●  The page-turning effects (interactive publication) make their complete works look

    wonderful.  It is motivating.

●  Learners are encouraged to write and edit collaborative, and make themselves editors.

●  Learners can embed their works and share them with others.  It makes them be

    cautious of what they write during the writing process.

●  The publications of students works, the library and bookshelf the website offers

    can be students' best learning portfolios.  Students could also learn how to organize

    their documents and works.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?  

●  First, I would introduce this tool and we will talk about what they should do before 

    they publish their works.

●  I will also teach students how to convert their files into PDF files so that they can upload

    their files later on.  I will also introduce the library/bookshelf function and help them to 

    manage and organize their documents, reports or portfolio.  It would be best to embed

    their works in the school blog, and make it a simple presentation of their works.

●  Classroom notes, story-telling, photo books, diaries and journals, comic books, 

    student newspaper, book reports and summaries, movie reviews could be published

    according to the classroom activities teachers select according to the learning context.

●  Embed the "bookshelf" widget into the blog, and it displays the preview of students'

    works.  It also collects the works presented by students during their learning process.  

●  If students publish their classroom notes, it could be their best e-notes.

●  Students can download the works or notes made by their peers (PDF files). 

●  Need sufficient computers and Internet.

●  There are so many documents, magazines and books on Issuu, teachers should 

    guide their students and help students select appropriate online publications when 

    students would like to put them in their own bookshelf. 

●  Once students publish their documents, everyone can search them online.  Therefore,
    teachers should make students aware of the publishing options (private or public).  

    Be cautious when they store their own documents in the library.


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