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Monday, 14 February 2011

Slideshare -Share Your Ideas, Presentations and Videos

Today's Website~ 

●    Slideshare


What is it about?

●  Slideshare is a useful website in which you can share your ideas, presentations and

    videos with wide audience.  You can also find a variety of ideas shared by other people

    and have a connection with them.

●  You can search for the topics that interest you and embed slideshares in your blog or

    in your website.

●  You can also download the presentations and videos if the download function is not

    disabled the the authors.

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  The ideas in the presentations are shown in English.  Students can learn how the

     presenters combine their ideas through their presentations, and how they make

     their presentations well-organized through their slideshare.  Students can also work

     collaboratively to make their PowerPoint's and upload their ideas and share them with

     people around the world.

●  In addition to reading the slides, students can also watch the videos uploaded and

    practice their listening, and see (learn) how people present their ideas through videos.

View more videos from aftabalam786Embedded from Slideshare

How might you use it in a language teaching context?

●  First, the teacher should select an appropriate presentation or video related to 

    the course object.  Take  "Mr. Bean makes a sandwich in the park" for example, 

    you can see the instructions explained in the slides below.

View more presentations from David Deubelbeiss. Embedded from Slideshare

●  From the PowerPoint, you can see the source is from EFL CLASSROOM 2.0.  You can

     download PDF files, handouts, PowerPoint and MP4 there.

●  If it is for beginners, the teacher can teach the vocabulary students need to know first.

    Later, the teacher could provide useful sentences for students to describe what they see.

   (For example, using present progressive tense, like 'He is driving a yellow car'.)  

  Students work in pair, and they both have handouts.  The teacher divided the video into

     five parts.  The student takes turn to tell the other one the story.  And finally they can 

    construct the whole story by writing the plot together on from the writing handout.

●  The teacher can have students do their own PowerPoint about the story they

    construct with the pictures the teacher provided.  Students can embed it in their

    blog or the teacher can choose good ones and upload them in the slideshare website

    or in the class blog.

●  The teacher can embed the slides or videos in the class blog for students to leave their 

    comments, e.g. after watching the video 'Even Eagles Need a Push' and having a short

    discussion in class, students can reflect on themselves and write something on the blog.

●  To watch the video, broadband with sufficient capacity is needed.

●  There are so many materials in this website, so it will take teachers much time to select

     appropriate materials that match the curriculum objects and topics.

●  The teacher has to give students clear instruction before students do an activity

    for a certain topic.  Need more time to have a discussion in class.


●  Search for an appropriate topic that is suitable for your teaching object.
Search for the Topic

●  After selecting the one you need, you can embed the presentation in your blog or 

    your website.  You can download the presentation just in case.
Embed the Presentation
  ●  You could also find some good videos with some texts.  Embed the video in your blog

      and you can have your students write a comment or have a reflective writing about what

      has been discussed in class.

Embed the Video

 ●  Teachers can also upload your own presentations or videos (or students' output)

     as your own teaching sources, or share them with other teachers.  

Upload Your Presentations

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