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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Mixbook for Educators-Create Your Own Photo Book

Today's Website~ 

●  Mixbook

Mixbook for Educators

What is it about?

●  It is a Web 2.0 tool which allows you to create a photo books easily.

●  It is free to create your own online photo book and share it with your friends.

●  You can customize your photo book to your liking at ease and make it unique.

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  Mixbook is an easy tool for learners to create interactive written e-books.  It gets

    children interested in writing activities and producing their story books, journals or


●  Students can demonstrate what they have learned (as a group) through Mixbook.

●  Learners can collaborate as co-authors, design the layouts, add texts and paste

    the embed code into their own blog or webpage for their peers, parents and others

    to see their work.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?  

●  I might use it for my students work collaboratively (a group of 5) to make a short story

    by using the grammar or vocabulary they learn in class, e.g. past tense, or subjunctive 


●  First, have student find their partners and discuss the topic of their own story.  

●  Have students bring their own story books, see how story books are arranged, and 

    talk about how story books are arranged for the readers to follow easily.

●  Then, I will explain and have them explore how to use Mixbook, e.g. how to upload 

    pictures (or the pictures they paint), how to select layouts, backgrounds, paste stickers

    and add texts. 

●  Once they have ideas about Mixbook, they can start to make their story (according to

    their topic and the vocabulary or grammar the teacher lists).  They also have to discuss

    how  many pictures and what pictures they will need.  

●  After they finish writing the story, they will have to decide the layouts, backgrounds and

    how they are going to arrange the pictures and decide the font, size, colors.  They will

    also decide the arrangement of texts, titles and subtitles.

●  Have students publish their work, invite friends to read their story books, and embed

    their story books in the blog for everyone to read.  

●  There are so many layouts and backgrounds to choose.  The teachers should guide

    the students how to choose appropriate ones that are suitable for their topic.  For 

    example, if it is a story book, the layout should simple.  The teachers could ask 

    students bring their own story books and discuss what kind of layouts would be 

    the most appropriate for story books.

●  Sometimes it doesn't work when clicking on "Add text".

 Example~Create Your Own Story book.

●  Click on "Start your book" and then choose your book.

Select Your Book
●  Select a theme.  You can change the theme later if you are unhappy with the layout or 

Select a Theme
 ●  You can invite contributors, too.

Invite Contributors
  ●  Now upload the pictures, select your layouts and backgrounds and paste the

      stickers here.  Then, drag the pictures to your story book.

Add Pictures/Select Layouts and Backgrounds/ Paste Stickers
  ●  You can add your text, select the font, size, colors you like.

Add Text
●  When you finish your story book, click on your file and then,  you can find your story book

     listed in your file.  Just click on "publish".  And you can share it with your friends by 

     writing down their e-mail.  You can also edit your story book later.  

Publish Your Story Book
●  Embed your story book in your blog.  You can find the embed code on the bottom left.

Embed Your Story Book in Your Blo
●  Below is my unfinished example of the embedded story book.

| View Sample Photo Books | Create your own Photo Book

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