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Saturday, 12 February 2011

MailVU: Listen and View in Your E-mail

Today's Website~ 

●    MailVU


What is it about?

●  It is a online video service in which you can send video emails to your family, friends,

    your teachers, or your students.

●  You can record your video mails up to 10 minutes.

●  You can choose when to delete voice mails (e.g. once it is viewed, or being viewed

    3 times...and it will be "self-destruct".)

●  You don't need any account or download anything.  The video can save up to

    365 days.  Just click on the link, and you can watch the video mails.

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  Individual students can record their speaking outside the classroom, and they can

    look at themselves in front of the webcam when practicing speaking English, which

    help them be more comfortable when speaking English.  It is also good for the students

    who are practicing oral presentation or a speech contest.

●  The simple voice mails are easy to use.  It can be used as speaking homework, or

    classroom activities (role play, interview, show and tell).  The teacher can assess

    students pronunciation, intonation, their discourse structures, and their presentation.

    It also helps students to speak naturally, and be more confidence in speaking English. 

●  The teacher can give students  feedback via voice mails.

●  The teacher can also share students' good performance in class for other students

     to learn from one another.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?

●  Just like Vocaroo, it could be used as speaking homework, to compensate the

    insufficient time for practicing speaking in class.  Students could practice pronunciation,

    or dialogue taught in class.  The teacher can also have students work in groups to 

    prepare for an interview (brainstorming questions and answers), imitate the ads they

    like on TV or on the radio, or work individually to do show and tell (together in class

    if there are sufficient computers), and send them to the teacher.

●  It could be used to check students' pronunciation, intonation or their presentation

    in front of the webcam (the teacher should teach students how to do presentation

    first).  Later, the teacher could give students feedback via voice mails or in class.

●  The teacher could present students' works in class, and have students appreciate

    other groups' works.  The work could be one of the assessment.  And the teacher 

    could encourage students to revise their work, and send it to the teacher.

●  There are some ideas from Teacher Training Videos Website.  Just like Vocarro,

    these activities could be done in front of the webcam, too.

Some Ideas on How to Use MailVU from Teacher Training Videos
●  The students need to have headphones and computers at home.  And in the classroom,

     sufficient computers and headphones should be provided, too.

●  Though the voice mails could be stored for 325 days, you can not download them or

    embed them (or paste the link) in the blog for other students to watch and share

    their presentation.

●  Could have problems if the teachers would like to use it collaboratively since

    there is only one headphone and one webcam in a computer.

●  It might take teachers much time to assess students' performance and give 

    students feedback.

●  The teacher has to give students clear instructions before students do an activity

    for a certain topic.  Need more time to have a discussion in class.  And it might

    be noisy when all of the students record their voice mails at the same time in class.


●  Three steps to start MailVU.

Three Steps to Start MailVU
●  Click on "yes", and click on "record" to let MailVU use the function of your 

    microphone and webcam to record  your voice and image.

Click to Record
●  Before you start to record, you can select "Magic Visual Effects" to change or 

    "decorate" your image.

Visual Effects

Visual Effects-Decoration
 ●  Send your voice mail with image.  You could listen to your voice mail before you send 

     it.  You can record it again if you are not satisfied.    On the bottom of the screen, 

     you can select "Delete after ~ days" or "Self Destruct after ~ view" before you

     click on "send" button.

Send the Voice Mail
●  Your friends, family or teachers can check on the e-mail and see the voice mail via 

    the link provided.  You can also deleted the video message directly. 

Receive the Mail
●  Once you get the link of the voice message, click on the link and you can listen to it.

●  You can also:

     Click on Teacher Training Videos to Check Out How to Use MailVU

●  Or, you can try it now (below).

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