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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Vocaroo- Practicing Speaking by Recording Your Voice and Send It to Your Teacher

Today's Website~

●    Vocaroo

Powered by Vocaroo

※  This is a sample gadget for you to try recording and to play back your voice.   
      The messages are not saved or downloadable. Click on the Vocaroo website
      listed above to send a link of voice message vial e-mail.

What is it about?

●  It is a service used for sending voice messages across the Internet. .

●  Your voice messages will be saved as records when you sign in.

●  The link of recorded voice messages could be send via e-mail.

●  You can post your voice messages on the Internet (embed it in your blog, or post

    the link on your website). 

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  Individual students can record their speaking outside the classroom.

●  The simple voice recording tool is easy to use, and it can be used as speaking

     homework, and the teacher can assess students pronunciation, intonation, and

     their discourse structures. 

●  The teacher can give individual students feedback via voice messages.

●  Students' voice recording could be post on the Internet for other students to

     listen and share their opinions.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?

●  It could be used as speaking homework, to compensate the insufficient time for

    practicing speaking in the classroom.  Students could either practice pronunciation,

    dialogue, longer conversation with certain topics at home, imitate the ads or work 

    together in class to have short play with their voices.  

●  It could be used to check students' (beginners) pronunciation or intonation and 

    the teacher could give individual students feedback via voice messages.

●  The teacher could present students' work in class, and have students appreciate

    other groups' work.  The work could be post in the blog or as an assessment.

●  Here are some ideas from Teacher Training Videos Website.

Some Ideas on How to Use Vacaroo from Teacher Training Videos
●  The students need to have headphones and computers at home.

●  It is a free tool, so the voice messages could not be stored for a long time.  And

    if you download the voice file,  it will need large capacity.

●  Could have problems if the teachers would like to use it collaboratively since

    there is only one headphone in a computer.

●  It might take teachers much time to assess students performance and give 

    students feedback.

●   Click on "record", and click on "yes" to let Vocaroo use the microphone function

     to record  your voice.

●   Click on "Click to Stop" once you finish recording.

  ●  You could listen before you send the voice message.  You can record it again if 

     you are not satisfied with the voice message.

●   You can either send it to a friend, post it on the Internet, or download the message.

●  You can embed the voice message in your blog, or put the link on your website.

●   Download the voice message.

●   Once you get the link of the voice message, click on the link to listen to it.

●  You can also:

     Click on Teacher Training Videos to Check Out How to Use Vocaroo

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