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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

ProProfs -Free Quiz Maker (Basic Function is Free) (Part I)

Today's Website~

●    ProProfs- Free Quiz Maker

Quiz Maker

 What is it about?

●  This website provides tools for making exams, tests, quizzes and polls for different

    purposes (basic function-free).

●  Videos and imagines could be added to be a part of the tests or quizzes.

●  Question types range from Multiple choice, Checkbox, True/False, Fill in the blanks,

    and Essay type.

●  Test makers could add explanation to each answer to give the test takers feedback,

    not simple "X"(wrong) or "V" (correct).

●  Test makers could make unlimited quizzes and have unlimited quiz takers.

●  Test takers can view their score reports.  

●  You could still see your quiz maker records or test takers' records in your account

    even though it is basic version.

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  Visual and audio functions offer quizzes another way to test students'

     language learning outcome, which is different from paper-based test.

●  The online tests/quizzes are interactive.  Students get their answer right after they

    answer the question.  The explanation of each answer is followed by the

    answer.  Students could read it and check if they understand the key concepts

    of what they learn in class. 

●  The scores of tests taken will be recorded.  Students get their score result,

    and its analysis at the end of each test.  And students can take the same test

    as many times as they like.  The teacher can also check students' performance

    and adjust the teaching pace accordingly.  Parents can go online and check their

    children's learning process.

●  The tests the teacher makes can be shared (embedded), printed out or taken

    by others.  They can also choose appropriate ones for students to take the tests.

●  Students could share their reports or download the report.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?

●  The teacher could make the quiz according to the curriculum.  And after each lesson, 

    the quiz could be used to check students' understanding.  

●  For example, the teacher could make True/False test and have students answer 

    the questions when they finish reading/ or listening the text.  Or the teacher could make

    multiple choices or fill in the blanks to check students' understanding of the grammar or

    vocabulary they learn in class.  And the teacher should offer explanation for each question

    so that the students can understand when their answers are not correct or when they are

     still not sure some concepts taught in class.

●  The quizzes could be also used as homework to check students' understandings.  It is 

     time stamped, and the time spent on the test is also presented.  Therefore, the teacher

    could check each student's test-taking process.

●  Students could take their time to finish the quiz at home when they feel they are ready.

    They are encourage to take the tests as many times as they like.

●  EFL Teachers could use their mother tongue to explain the answers for lower-level 


●  Need sufficient computers for students to take quizzes in class or at home.

●  The instruction of this tool is a bit complicated.
●  It may take teachers lots of time to design valid and reliable quizzes.  And the 

    teachers should make sure the tests (and answers) are carefully made in case

    of washback (e.g. students become frustrated when their answer is correct but 

    it shows wrong answer).

●  It may takes time to find suitable pictures and videos for designing quizzes (according

    to curriculum).


●  After you log in, click on "Create a Quiz" and start to create your first quiz.

Create Your First Quiz

●  Choose the type of quiz and click on "Continue".

Choose the Type of Quiz

●  Enter quiz details and add questions (you can choose Multiple choice, Checkboxes, 

    True/ False, Fill in the blanks or Essay type).

Enter Details


Add Questions- Multiple Choice

●  Follow the steps, finish the settings and choose the category (give it a tag).

Finish the Settings and Choose a Category

●  You can also customize your quiz and embed it onto your blog.  First click on

    "Get Quiz Takers" in "My Quizzes", and then customize it.  Finally, copy the 

    embed code and paste it onto your blog.

1. Get Quiz Takers in "My Quizzes"

2. Customize your Quiz

3. Embed the Quiz

●  Students can start to take the quiz and get the answer (and explanation).

Take the Quiz and Get the Explanation

●  Get your reports.

View or Download Your Reports

●  Embed your reports on your blog.   The report below is embedded.

Get Your Certificate

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