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Friday, 11 February 2011

QuizBox - A Free Simple Tool to Make Your Quiz (Part II- Explanation of the Answer)

Explanation of the Answer~

●    QuizBox- Create Your Own Quiz

● "Get to Know the Tenses" is the sample quiz we saw earlier.  After students finish

     the quiz, they could find the explanation below. 

Get to Know the Tenses


We've learned present tense, past tense and future tense. Hope you could check out your understanding of the tenses through this quiz.
  1. Next Saturday, we ____________ a trip to Oxford. I am so excited
  2. take took will taked will take
  3. Victoria usually                  at 12:00. It is not good for her health.
  4. go goes went will go
  5. We often ______ information from the books in the past. Now we have Internet.
  6. collect collects collected will collect
  7. Who ____________ the window? It is so cold here. Would you mind closing it?
  8. open opened will open closed
  9. Susan never ____________ her teeth before she goes to bed.
  10. brush brushes brushed will brush
Glad you try your best to finish the quiz!
~Embedded from QuizBox~

●  You could provide the explanation of each answer either in English or in 

    your mother tongue according to your students' level.

1.  The answer is "will take".  
     When we see "Next Saturday", "will + V" will be used to show the future tense.

    答案是 "will take"。 (explanation in Chinese)

    當我們看到"Next Saturday",就要使用"will + 原V"來表示未來時間

2.  The answer is "goes".

     When we see the word "usually", it means it is some people's "habit" to do something 

     in the daily life, so we use the verb form in the present tense ("go" and "goes").  

     And because "Victoria" is the third singular person, "goes" is the answer. 

    答案是 "goes"。



3. The answer is "collected".

    Even though we see "often" in the sentence, "in the past" shows it is "some people's 

    habit in the past", so the verb form in the past tense "collected" is the answer.

    雖然我們看到"often",但是"in the past"說明了這是"過去的習慣",因此,我們使用


4. The answer is "opened".

    When we see "Would you mind closing it?"  It means someone "opened" the window.

    Therefore, the verb form in the past tense "opened" is used.


    當我們看到"Would you mind closing it?" 這表示有人已經開了窗戶

    所以我們使用過去式動詞 "opened"。

5. The answer is "brushes".

    When we see "never"(habit) and "before she goes to bed" (present time), we use

    the verb form in the present tense ("brush" and "brushes".  And "Susan" is the third 

    singular subject, so "brushes" is the answer.


當我們看到"never" (習慣) 以及"before she goes to bed"現在時間,我們

就使用現在式動詞("brush" 和"brushes"),因為"Susan"是第三人稱單數


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