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Monday, 28 February 2011

CNN Audio/Video Podcasts-Learn English with Podcasts

Today's Website~ 

●  CNN Audio/Video Podcasts-Learning English with Podcasts

What is it about?

●  CNN Audio & Video Podcasts provides audio or video podcasts of the latest news,

    ranging from Business, Sports, Technology, Entertainment, Health and so on.
●  You can subscribe the topics you like, and it will automatically syndicate the content

    when the website updates the news.  You can also watch the news or listen to the audio

    online.  If you have iTunes, you can subscribe the news, too.

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  CNN provides the latest news with a wide variety of topics.    

●  It also provides daily, authentic English for learners to practice listening.

●  The wide variety of topics can broaden learners vocabulary, their mind and the view

    of the world.  Throughout in-depth discussion activities, It help promote learners

    critical thinking.

●  Learners can select the subjects they like, and play back as many times as they want.

●  Learners can add the news to their iPod, iTunes, or just play it by click on the button.

    The latest news is portable, and they can listen or watch the news as many times as

    they like.

●  Through watching the videos, learners can easily relate the visual images to the events,

    words, and the meanings.  They can learn from the pronunciation from the broadcasters

    and try to make their own pronunciation as clear as they can.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?  

●  Take CNN Student News for example, it is best for intermediate or advanced learners.

    First, before the teachers has students watch the video, the teacher could have students

    discuss some questions about the topic they will watch from the video later.

●  The teacher chooses one clip of the video, and introduces some vocabulary or phrases 

    that students might not know (from the transcripts provided). 

●  After students are familiar with the topic and the related vocabulary, have students "listen

    to" the video, and take notes.

●  Have students compare their notes in groups and then watch the video together.

●  Give students transcripts, and discuss the follow-up questions by searching for the 

    related news online (work in group of 5).  The teacher should provide links of related

    topics in case that students can not find the information.

●  Students write down their answers to the follow-up questions, and then share with 

    other groups.

●  The teachers can have students have a reflective writing (200-300 words) about the topic.

●  Students can download the podcast and watch the video.

●  Need sufficient computers and Internet with sufficient broadband.

●  The teacher should select appropriate vidoes according to students' need. 

●  The teacher should also give students clear instructions and provides them the sources 

    of the videos so that students won't find it difficult to access to the videos.   

●  Even though CNN Student New website provides some teaching materials, the teachers

    should adapt the materials according to students' level. 

●  This website provides the video and transcripts of the news on Feb. 25, 2011.  Maps

    of Libya, Wisconsin and Atlanta are provided, too.  On the left hand side, you can see

   "STORY HIGHLIGHTS" and "RELATED TOPICS".  The teacher can add some sources
    according to their learning context.

●  CNN Podcasting also provides audio files. Teachers can encourage students to 

    download the programs they are interested in, e.g. the one below is about Oscar
    Academy Awards that students might be interested in.      

 Hollywood Hangover: Oscars Recap

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