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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Lyrics Training- Learn English from Lyrics and Songs

Today's Website~

●   Lyrics Training
What is it about?

●  Learn English (or other foreign language) through the music and lyrics of the songs

●  It helps you with listening and pronunciation.

●  Search for the song you'd like to learn and start to play

●  You can listen to a song many times.

●  Select your level

●  Listen and write in the missing words

●  The song won't start until write in the missing words.

●  You could click on "help" to see the instructions. 

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  Music and songs help learning language effectively

●  Can be familiar with the pop culture of the target country

●  Authentic English/World Englishes

●  Learning with sounds and video makes it interesting and deepens the impression.

●  Interactive, challenging, and motivating

●  The repeating function enhances listening, pronunciation and memory.

●  Foster autonomous learning if students are willing to try it at home.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?

●  Have students work in group, and play the song first.

●  Encourage them to listen carefully and hum the melody

●  Remind them of noticing some linking sounds

●  Have students guess the meaning from the video and the lyrice they hear

●  Then have them to start to listen and write in group

●  Encourage students to imitate the pronunciation and sing the song

●  Have them write down or look up the words they are unfamiliar on the dictionary

●  After they finish the activity, introduce related sentence patterns or vocabulary

●  Students' performance (singing the song) could be an assessment.

●  Encourage students to sign in and practice their favorite songs.

●  Might take time to finish the whole activity

●  Teachers have to select appropriate songs beforehand.

●  The levels of the songs are variable.  And some pronunciation is hard to figure out.

●  Need computers and sufficient broadband Internet. 

 Beatles: Yesterday

●  Lyrics Training Instruction- "Yesterday" by Beatles

●  Select the Mode.  Here we choose Beginner: Fill in the blanks

●  Start to fill in the blanks.

●  See your score or check the high scores

●  Check out the "Help" key.  The three keys you use the most often are:

    Backspace → Replay line

    Tab →  Skip word

    Enter → Play/Pause

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