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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Introduction to Technology- Russell Stannard's Teacher Training Videos

Russell Stannard

How to use ICT in ELT?  

Today's Website~

Russell Stannard's Teacher Training Videos Websites 
    (click the link to check it out)
What is it about?

●  Provide training videos for English teachers.

●  Introduce loads of great sites and tips.

●  Follow the short videos, and learn the teaching tools step by step.

●  Learn how to use technology tools in teaching. 

●  Use the tools to keep improving your English.

Why is the content good for language teaching?

●  Help English teachers keep up-to-date to the new technology tools in teaching.

●  Choose the selective tools fit for your teaching context.

●  The training video is simple and it is free!

●  Save you time to searching useful tools and material for teaching.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?

●  Use the video to introduce the tools to learners.

●  Provide learners a way to review how to use the tools at home.


  Might still take much time to try every link.

●  Need a broadband Internet to watch the videos smoothly.

●  There is no search bar to search the tools you would like to learn or explore.

●  Videos are not tagged (or can't be tagged) in this website.  Perhaps a brief description

    about the tools (introudced in the videos), and provide them lables would make this

    user-friendly website more friendly.


Nik Peachey
         Useful website for online English activities

       ●  Useful websites to learn technology

           Nik's Learning Technology Blog

  "Free Technology for Teachers" is my favourite blog.  I have learned so many useful

    tools and how to integrate these tools into the pedagogy in language teaching.  Click

    on the link and check it out.

    Free Technology for Teachers by Richard Byrne

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