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Saturday, 29 January 2011

Listen A Minute- Practicing Listening and Do Online Quizzes and Activities (for lower- level learners)

Today's Website~

●   Listen A Minute

What is it about?

●  This website provides short texts and MP3 files to practice listening skills.

●  These short texts focus on new words, grammar, pronunciation,

●  It provides online activities, handouts for discussion, survey and writing.

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  Provide various topics of short texts with MP3 files to practice listening

●  Learners can listen to one-minute text as many times as they like until they

    understand the whole text.

●  The handouts of the short texts (PDF files or Word files) can be downloaded.

    Students can either read the text and underline the key words or finish the

    activities on the handouts as homework or assessment.  In addition, students

    can keep the handouts and review the short texts easily.

●  The text constructing game and guessing activities are interactive and interesting.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?

●  Take the topic "Advertising" for example.

●  Have students work in group and talk about what they think advertising is 

    and what kind of advertising they can see around them.

●  Before students listen to audio, ask them specific questions about the text, 

    e.g.  what does the author think about ads?  Ask students to take notes.
●  Ask students to compare their notes with one another and discuss the questions.

●  Give students handouts and have them underline the new phrases or the sentences 

    they don't understand.  Encourage them to look up the words through online

    dictionary and write down the meanings in English. 

●  The teacher explains the new words and sentence patterns which students feel 


●  Have students work in group to do online quiz 1 (construct the whole text).

●  Play the audio file and have students do online quiz 2 (no letter game).  Ask 

    students to listen and key in what they hear from the audio.  The teacher can 

    play the audio several times until each group finish the text. 

●  The teacher may ask each group to choose an English advertising they 

    are impressed and write a passage to introduce it to the classmates in 

    next lesson.

●  Like Breaking News English, there is only one broadcaster, and the quality of 

    the sound of broadcasting is not stable.

●  Too many ads and the layout looks complicated.  

●  Teachers will have to select appropriate articles for students, and may have

    to adjust lesson plans according to the teaching objects.

●  There are some mistakes in the handouts provided.

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