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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Listen and Write - Using Videos and Audios to improve Listening Skills

Today's Website~

●   Listen and Write

 What is it about?

●  Listen and Write is a free website for you to practice listening. 

●  You could select a video or an audio according to your level.

●  The listening practice is divided into several tracks.

●  Dictate and listen to the content as many times as you want.

●  Try to listen and write until you have your dictation all correct.

●  You may use "hint" or change different Modes according to your learning rate. 

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  Variety of topics from the latest one to the knowledgeable one.

●  Can be familiar with different accent .

●  Authentic English/World Englishes.

●  Listening with visual aids makes it fun.

●  Interactive, challenging, and motivating.

●  Automatic repeating enhance listening.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?

●  Have your students work in group.

●  Ask them to think about the vocabulary or sentences about the topic.

●  Write down or look up the words they are unfamiliar on the dictionary.

●  Make sure they can tell some linking sounds.

●  Could let students try Blank Mode first to fill in the blank.

●  Try Full Mode to be familiar with the content if time is sufficient.

●  Try Quick Mode if they are beginners.  They only write down the first sound of the word.

●  Learners can always try a more challenging Mode if they like. 

●  Encourage learners to use the "hint" function when they are in trouble. 

●  Ask them to write down the words they miss.

●  Encourage students to use the "dictionary lookup" function. (Problem Solving)

●  Encourage students to practice listening at home.   (Learner Autonomy)

●  Provide learners guidelines and select the appropriate video or audio for individual
    students (according to their levels) to practice at home.

●  It probably will be hard to work in group if students have to log in and listen together.

●  There are no sufficient materials for lower level learners.

●  The measurement of the levels seem inconsistent.  Some clips are easy 
    but they are classified  into a higher level.
●  There are still some technical problems.  For example, at the end of some tracks, the
    sound of the last word is cut off or can not hear clearly.



●  Select Full Mode

●  Start to dictate

●  Use the "Hint" key.  If you can't figure out the word, click "Hint".

●  Make use of "Dictionary Lookup" function.  For example, click the word "diary".

●  Select Blank Mode

●  Fill in the blanks



  1. Thank you for introducing the listen-and-write.com.
    I'm a developer of listen-and-write.
    Recently I developed the new function which enable students to study together.

  2. Hi, Steven. Thank you for your information.
    I will explore the new function and introduce
    it in my blog later.
    I am curious about my students' reaction when I go back to Taiwan and introduce this website to them in class.


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