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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

TED-Using Videos in Language Teaching

Today's Website~

●    TED Ideas Worth Spreading


          "Jay Walker on the world's English mania"

What is it about?

●  This website provides loads of videos with English subtitles.

●  The videos provides speech of successful people sharing their ideas.

●  The themes range from technology,entertainment, business, design, science

     to global issues.

Why is the content good for language learning?

●  Visual and audio aids help to infer what the speaker would like to express.

●  The speech is concise, condense and to the point.

●  The ideas are inspiring, encouraging and motivating.

●  The subtitles assist learners to understand the meaning.

●  Students can learn how to make a good presentation in English.

How might you use it in a language teaching context?

●  Take this video "Jay Walker on the world's English mania" for example.

●  First, have students shares their ideas about English learning experience, 

    how they learn English, and why they learn English.

●  Then, students watch the video without sound, take notes and guess the main

    idea of the speech.

●  Students share what they guess in group, and talk about the main idea the 

    speaker might talk about.

●  Write down some questions, e.g. how many people around the world are 

    learning English? and have students watch the whole video with subtitles.

●  Compare the main ideas with each other and have students to work out 

    in groups to answer the questions.

●  Once students answer the question, have them listen to the answer in the 

    speech (the teacher has to know which track has the answer).  They could

    listen one more time.

●  Ask the students if there are any words, phrases, or sentences they feel 


●  Pick some difficult sentences, or good ones, and have students work in 

    group to figure out the meaning or translate into Chinese (mother tongue).
●  Have students write down their ideas about English mania (no more than 

    100 words) as homework. 
●  Provide the link and encourage students to watch the video again at home. 

●  The videos are for high-proficiency students.  Students of low-level may have 

    difficulty understanding the speech. 
●  It may take teachers lots of time  searching for a speech which is related to 

    the topic of the curriculum.

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